Mindy's Massage & wellness

Mindy l Milton, lmt

owner, massage therapist

Personal Trainer, Pre-Natal Certified, Massage Doula, Neuromuscular and Medical Massage Certified, MRI Core in Training, Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner-A, Reset, Touch for Health, Trauma Sensitive Heart Math Certification, Spiritual Life Coach

Mindy uses her expertise in body work, to treat the discomforts associated with a wide array of autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, injury and surgery recovery. Her passion is helping clients recover from PTSD, and Anxiety and Trauma using an array of touch for trauma techniques. Mindy works closely with occupational therapists and chiropractors in the area. She has a network of practitioners to refer clients to when their needs fall outside of the scope of her capabilities. Mindy is constantly finding new and innovative ways to help people heal.

Arnette Baker, lmt

massage therapist

Arnette has been a massage therapist for 8 years now. She graduated from South Eastern School of Medical Massage. She enjoys her career and is always looking forward to learning new things along the way. Her favorite things to do outside of work is going to the beach and traveling. She loves to travel!

Nanette Cossio, lmt

massage therapist

Nanette specializes in relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques that can improve circulation, decrease muscle stiffness and joint inflammation, allow for quicker recovery between workouts, and lessen pain and soreness.

A graduate of the Florida School of Advanced Bodywork, Nanette has always had a passion for holistic healing, initially beginning her career working alongside an occupational therapist to improve the lives of children.

She transitioned to adult therapy in 2020. A native of Puerto Rico who immigrated to Florida in 1997, she is fully bilingual and able to assist a diverse patient population.

James Toon, lmt

massage therapist

Husband, father of three, and complete Disney nut, James Toon, LMT, has committed himself to the art of healing touch. With a decade and a half of massage experience, James’s intuition guides him in helping others who have entrusted his hands with their well-being.

James combines Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Stretching, and Meditation therapies to give his clients the best experience.

James is also a software engineer, user experience designer, U.S. Navy veteran, and student of natural healing. He enjoys spending time with family, hiking, and dreaming up the next big idea in his free time.

Claribel Corona, le


Claribel is a certified Health & Wellness Counselor, Skin & Facial Specialist, as well as a Makeup Artist & Beauty Coach. Her passion with wellness and beauty is to guide women to discover their inner strength through their outer beauty, to redirect negative self-talk and encourage self-love. Her purpose is to help women feel beautiful and confident! She is where wellness and beauty collide and will help redefine a beautiful You!

Jessica Greer, le & lmt

esthetician & massage therapist

Jessica is dual licensed in the state of Florida as an Esthetician and Massage Therapist. She completed her esthetician education at Parisian Spa Institute in 2018, and she is a 2020 graduate of The Florida School of Advanced Bodywork. She is passionate about both skincare and massage, as she practices several massage techniques, including neuromuscular massage therapy, myofascial release, and Swedish massage. Jessica enjoys helping people achieve their skin health goals, as well as find relief from chronic pain and release from daily stressors. She believes that comfort and relaxation greatly contribute to finding balance in life.

Angela Stephens, lmt

massage therapist

Angela started massage in 2006. She continued to further her education pursuing a license in occupational therapy.

Angela decided, for personal and professional reasons, to pivot back into massage therapy during the strange times of 2020. As she landed in a place owned by a woman who fully understood trauma, Angela was able to blossom further into her passion of helping the disabled.

Although she is now focused on being the best Assistive Technology Practitioner that she can be, she will remain on staff at Mindys for her loyal clients. Mindy has provided a place for her to use her clinical skills while healing from trauma which allowed her to focus on the next steps. She is and will always be eternally grateful for all that Mindy gives her clients and staff.

Jeanie Froman-Bohall, dc


Dr. Jeanie Froman-Bohall has practiced in north Florida for almost 20 years. She practices a gentle upper cervical technique, called NUCCA, and started as a NUCCA patient in 1999 from being involved in an automobile accident. She went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA to specifically learn this technique.

While at Palmer, Dr. Jeanie was always interested in learning about muscles. She attended evening classes at the Institute of Therapeutic Massage and Wellness and became a massage therapist.

In her chiropractic practice, besides adjusting the spine, Dr. Jeanie likes to perform soft tissue techniques, so the muscles aren’t pulling the bones out of alignment.

Over the years, Dr. Jeanie has become certified in Active Release Technique, which helps relax muscles that are tight and putting pressure on nerves. She is also a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. She likes using cold laser therapy on patients to promote healing and uses an EPAT machine to help with plantar fasciitis. Dr. Jeanie not only works on people but also loves adjusting and massaging horses and dogs. Dr. Jeanie is excited to be working with Mindy and the other practitioners and staff at Mindy’s Massage.

Mary Romaine,

bs, ap, mtom, dipl. ac, dom, nccaom


Mary Romaine is a Board Certified acupuncturist with over 24 years of experience. She can help resolve chronic or acute conditions with acupuncture and alternative medicine treatments.

Dr. Mary Romaine looks forward to helping you on your journey to optimum health. She uses a combination of Oriental Medicine and Herbology to successfully treat a variety of ailments that often don’t respond to Western protocols. Whether you are looking to resolve a chronic or acute condition, or you’re just looking to maintain your current good health, she looks forward to talking with you soon about your health concerns and ways Acupuncture can help you reach and maintain a state of wellness.

Amy Freeman, lmt

massage therapist

Amy Freeman is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in injury prevention and pain management. She is a former dancer and currently teaches Ballet. She is a member of IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science) and has taken many courses in injury prevention through the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries at NYU.

She licensed in 1995 after graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy where she studied several modalities such as Swedish, Sports, Infant and Deep Tissue massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Touch for Health, and Craniotomy-Sacral therapy. Following graduation, she was hired to work in the Spa at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, but turned it down to accept a teaching position instead at the Nevada School of Massage Therapy.

She has received several hours of pedagogical training in kinesiology, anatomy, nutrition and proper body mechanics from American Ballet Theater in New York and the Royal Ballet in London. She considers herself blessed to work in two fields that compliment each other so well, and she loves what she does.

Susan Spell, arnp

holistic lifestyle medicine coach

Susie Spell is an expert health & lifestyle coach for people who want to look and feel phenomenal while preventing or reversing chronic diseases. She targets the root cause of today’s diseases with lifestyle interventions like diet, physical activity, sleep, and stress reduction that calm inflammation and fortify the immune system.

As a health coach, she partners with you to craft a beautiful vision, she keeps you accountable to short-term goals you set for yourself, and she adopts practical strategies for behavior change to achieve your best health for good. With expert guidance and support, you’ll create your unique blueprint for sustainable, vibrant health.

She draws on 28 years of experience in healthcare, the last 16 as a nurse practitioner certified in both family and lifestyle medicine. Her coaching services are designed to help you take charge of your life and health . . . to live life intentionally, full of energy, joy, & vitality.

Mari Hammond

qigong instructor

In 2012 Mari earned her Level 3 Qigong teacher certification through the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation. Since then she has been fascinated with the mysterious energy that flows through all living things (qi) and the way it affects our mind, body & spirit. In 2021 She furthered her qigong training with Noble Movement Academy. Incorporating wisdom from many cultivated teachers. Mari has an affinity for gardening, dancing, being in nature and spending time with kids! 

Mari enjoys introducing people to qigong, and this is a beginner class that also benefits the experienced practitioner. Concentrating on the importance of daily well-being practice,  simple movements are taught so that you can practice on your own. This provides the opportunity to return to class with freshly discovered nuances & insights to discuss and integrate among community.

She offers a five element qigong that harmonizes the internal organ systems, while clearing blockages in the meridians which are often the underlying cause of poor health. Five element theory teaches how to flow with natural seasons of life for optimal health and longevity. This class is rejuvenating, grounding & invigorating! Come join us for a playful cultivation journey. 

Mindy's Massage & wellness

Mindy's Massage & wellness

Mindy's Massage & wellness